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Alex Sepkus

The works of Alex Sepkus are a marvelous contradiction. Meticulously executed designs meet Sepkus' quirky sense of humor to create one-of-a-kind pieces that are irresistibly playful and simultaneously awe-inspiring.

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Atelier Zobel

Zobel is an expert craftsman whose artistic jewelry creations demonstrate his unequaled ability to pair innovation and convention in his work. Through unexpected combinations of eccentric materials and bold design elements, Zobel captures the drama and excitement inherent in a one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art.

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Barbara Heinrich

Barbara Heinrich's reputation as an award-winning master jeweler is well deserved. Inspired by music, architecture, art and nature. Her harmonious use of brushed gold and gemstones creates an operatic cresendo of form, space and color.

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Bryson Designs

Don Bryant was the creative genius behind Bryson Designs. While operating his unique jewelry gallery in the Borgata of Scottsdale he worked together with Deon Allen (sculpture) and French Thompson (goldsmith) to develop a body of diorama sculptures using four colors of eighteen karat gold. I am eternally grateful to Mr. Bryant for being my mentor.

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Carolyn Tyler

Carolyn Tyler's passion is collecting phenomenal gems - those with an extraordinary capacity for reflecting and refracting light. When that South Sea pearl or diamond or antique coin meets her one-of-a-kind, high-karat setting the effect is mesmerizing."

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Claribel Cone

These paintings touch on elements of the sea and upon the personalities of certain people I feel deep love for. I was lucky to have spent part of my childhood near the sea. The light, the water and the ocean sky have always captivated me. Abstraction can bring a new freedom entering the realm of memory, place, personalities and attributes. The more I paint the more I travel to places and people past and present.

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David Huang

I work primarily with a technique called angle raising using copper, 23k gold gilding and sterling silver. This work is about things I treasure; the natural, sensual world, skilled labor, timeless beauty, and the inner spirit made visible.

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Don Bryant

Don Bryant is the creative genius behind Bryson Designs. While operating his unique jewelry gallery in the Borgata he worked together with Deon Allen (miniature sculptor) and French Thompson (goldsmith) to develop a body of diorama sculptures using four colors of eighteen karat gold. I am eternally grateful to Mr. Bryant for being my mentor.

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Eddie Sakamoto

Architecturally in spirit. Shortly after launching his career he was awarded "New Designer of the Year" by the Jewelers of America and listed in JCK Top 100 of the past 30 years world wide.

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French Thompson

French Thompson's initiation into the world of jewelry took place in a high school jewelry making class. It was there he discovered his talents in designing and creating pieces of wearable art. He marveled at the positive power of the handmade pieces he gave away to his sisters and mother. Their expressions of joy and satisfaction were enough to inspire him to continue down this path.

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Jeff and Susan Wise

"Soul mates and artistic collaborators, Jeff and Susan Wise make a wonderful team." Working in high karat gold and precious stones they create one of a king sculpture on a diminutive scale. Light, comfortable, yet powerful in concept.

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John Iversen

John Iversen who trained as a metalsmith in Dusseldorf and Vancouver before moving to the United States, has been handcrafting his jewelry for almost forty years. His materials include vitreous enamel, 18k gold, sterling silver and bronze. The recipient of the Verdura Prize and Herbert Hofmann Awards, John's work is also found in the collections of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City.

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Just Jules

In 1991, after 5 years in the New York City's famous diamond district, Julie decided to venture out on her own with her own line of handcrafted, limited edition jewelry ... Just Jules, LLC The response has been tremendous. Julie's attention to detail and technical expertise has clearly set her apart as a jewelry designer. Her newest designs, one of a kinds, and classic favorites can be seen at galleries nationwide.

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Kit Carson

Art and I met up at an early age of about 9. By 18, I knew the path, and by 25, I was in the business.

I've steadily continued my jewelry profession, adding sculpture and painting along the way. My specialty is engraved jewelry with a rainbow of gemstones, including high grade turquoise.

The beauty and humor of animals is a constant theme in my work. My design style has an Art Nouveau filter that smooths out my line.

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Mark Hileman

The mesmerizing variation of color, light and pattern of fine Australian opal has enchanted Mark Hileman for more than 28 years and has given life to the Hileman Collection which features some of the finest opal inlay in the world. Geometric shapes intersect with flowing lines to create a simplicity and style that is uniquely Hileman.

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Michael Anderson

Michael has created work in different media, but is most recognized for his gracefully sweeping works in steel. His works are in public and private collections across the United States and in foreign countries as diverse as Canada, Mexico, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Australia and Zaire. " I believe creativity is a part of our God-given nature and should convey a high standard of excellence. My purpose is to lift and build up the persons that view my work, and through the visual senses, bring out the positive aspects of life." - Michael Anderson

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Michael Good

A master of the technique called Anti-Clastic Raising Michael helped to re-define how American jewelry should look. Working in high karat gold his earrings are sought after by those appreciating a sculptural organic look as well as a very comfortable earring. Definitely, a product of hand craftsmanship and unique design.

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Michael Sugarman

Elegant simplicity is the trademark of Michael Sugarman's exquisite, handcrafted jewelry designs. Sugarman is known to utilize the traditional pave setting with diamonds and other precious stones to create a stunning, effervescent effect which brings out the beauty and sensuality of every woman.

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Nancy Linkin

Nancy's passion for metalsmithing began over 40 years ago. She was captivated by the age old process of forming the metal directly with hammers. "The hammer is simply an extension of my hand..." Her exploration of the traditional smithing techniques, raising holloware and forging, started with traditional vessels forms. Soon she began to push the envelope both technically and visually, leaving the rotation form and functional form behind. Asymmetrical table top sculptures and wallpieces were a natural progression for her nature based aesthetic. "Natural forms have alwa...

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Pascal Lacroix

An award-winning designer, Pascal Lacroix was born in Brussels and raised in the south of France, where he was inspired by his father’s work as a renowned sculptor and jewelry designer.

Pascal is a master in the creation of innovative gold and diamond bracelets - all designed and customized to fit your own wrist. Invisible hinge and clasp are standard on every piece to further enhance the ease and comfort in adorning yourself with a Pascal Lacroix Bracelet.

Each new piece is a sculpture in its own right and once on your wrist becomes a silent companion to be ca...

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Sarah Graham

Sarah Graham's award-winning, evocative depictions of nature in her jewelry are incomparable. Her use of blackened colbalt chrome and 18k gold create a stunning contrast, resulting in timeless works of art with an unmistakable feminine appeal.

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Sydney Lynch

I fell in love with jewelry when I was young, rummaging through my grandmother’s bureau drawers, enchanted by her treasure trove of costume jewelry that she kept in a jumble of tiny boxes, each with its own story. Since my childhood in the woods and on the beaches of Connecticut, I have accumulated and “curated” my collections of objects, found and acquired, assembling them in patterns and groupings that often inspire my jewelry designs.

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Timo Krapf

A young man on the way up. Timo Krapf will soon add his BFA degree in Metals and Jewelry Design from Rochester Institute of Technology to his growing list of awards. Son of internationally known goldsmith Barbara Heinrich, Timo served apprenticeships with famed anticlastic goldsmith Michael Good. Taking his innate talent and educational opportunities Timo has already been awarded The Orient Award from the Cultured Pearl Association of America International Pearl Competition and is a finalist in the 19th Annual Saul Bell Award. Also, the Gesswein Award (Canada) For Excellence in Go...

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Wolfgang Vaatz

"All of my artwork is a translation of experiences and observations I have had within the natural landscape and its elements." —Wolfgang Vaatz, Artist

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Zaffiro's (the name means sapphire in Italian) fanatically original pieces incorporate shapes and colors of stones from around the world—and not always the ones you'd expect. The top five stones that appear in their work are rainbow moonstones, boulder opals, unusually colored sapphires, baroque pearls, and tourmalines. The artists build every piece as a one-of-a-kind, highly original creation. While themes occasionally repeat, each granulation pattern is unique—making the pieces not only more beautiful but also adding to their value.

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